Pura Playa Condos Playa del Carmen

Cost to live in Mexico

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Mexico? Why do people move to Mexico? Their reasons differ. Some are ready to escape the fast pace of life up north. Others are looking for a place where they can live like a millionaire for the cost of a middle-class existence at home. Still, others are […]

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Emma and Elissa Condos, Playa del Carmen

The upcoming and trendiest area in Playa del Carmen

Thanks EVERYTHING PLAYA DEL CARMEN for your amazing post What is new with real estate in Coco Beach  The Coco Beach area of Playa Del Carmen is roughly the area from 38th Street to CTM Avenue (AKA 46th Street) and the beach to 10th Avenue. There are no exact dividing lines and some will even […]

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Sabor a Miel, Playa del Carmen

Real Estate is a safe investment in the Riviera Maya

The real estate investment is usually a safe and profitable business, but the key to obtaining greater profits is the location of the property so that the surplus value increases. Currently, the Riviera Maya is the market with the highest growth in that area in Mexico and is among the ten markets with the greatest […]

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DK 52 Apartments, Playa del Carmen

Los Bienes Inmuebles son una inversión segura en la Riviera Maya

La inversión inmobiliaria por lo regular es un negocio seguro y rentable, pero la clave para obtener mayores ganancias es la ubicación del inmueble para que aumente la plusvalía. Actualmente, la Riviera Maya es el mercado con mayor crecimiento en ese rubro en México y está entre los diez mercados de mayor expansión inmobiliaria a […]

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