Halun, Tulum



Sixteen unique spaces immersed in the majestic beauty of Tulum. Place that emanates peace and well-being in every breath of the magical Mayan jungle. Amplitude and elegance as the axis of landscape architecture.

Of Arab origins, Ha’lun expresses the returning to the place where one belongs.

GDP Developments enters the real estate market in Tulum with Halun Luxury Smart Condos, a development that pays tribute to the ultimate sense of belonging and the communion with nature. Starting from its essential elements – sun, water, vegetation, elevating those who visit it to a state of fullness, allowing them to perceive feelings of peace, love and well-being.

A wonderful place that provides intelligent spaces surrounded by subtle luxury, integrating different architectural elements inspired by the beauty of

Efficiency and creativity in the management of spaces, nature, lights, geometric lines, the use of water resources, and the design of comfortable spaces under efficient and ingenious bioclimatic criteria; these are elements that have founded the basis of what the firm Maat Handasa exemplifies, the firm responsible for bringing the vision of GDP Developments to life.

In addition to having a privileged location, Halun offers smart homes, fully equipped with an automation system, where through an exclusive app the user will be able to remotely control temperature, l ighting and security, among other elements.

All of our units are equipped with home automation, with all of the devices controlled through a single software that operates on tablets, smartphones
and with voice control, compatible with all brands of appliances, spotlights, air conditioners and curtains, among others.

• Motion detention
• Lighting control system
• Temperature control system
• Appliance control system
• Sound system and TV control
• Specific custom environment
• Energy consumption monitoring

• Front desk
• Good communication is a priority with guests and owners
• Elevator
• Reading
• Concierge service
• Perfect assistance with area’s activities planning
• In house mineral tubs
• Calming privacy environment
• Storage
• 24/7 CCTV surveillance
• Transportation to hotel zone
• Continuous transportation for guests and owners
• Smart condos
• Acces all year round Annual rates and occupation guaranteed by contract
• Vacation rentals operation

Halun offers an exclusive Beach Club at the HIP HOTEL by Ana y José in the heart of Tulum`s hotel zone.
Open 365 days a year for all our residents to enjoy a complete beach experience in our eco-chic environment by spending the days in our gorgeous Beach Club.
Spoil yourself savoring great food, delightful drinks, and a unique, natural vibe.

Why invest in Tulum?
Aldea Zamá is an international first level real estate project with exceptional infrastructure that offers residential , mixed and commercial lots.

In ancient times, this city was called “Zamá” whichmeans “dawn.”

The majestic ecotourism and residential project is located in a central area, which makes it possible to enjoy bike tours to the archaeological zone, hotel zone, the beach, the town of Tulum, and cenotes.

It has protected green areas that maintain the natural attractiveness of the region and aesthetic and construction guidelines have been established to
promote a polished but tasteful environment throughout the community.

It has first-class urban infrastructure with wide streets of hydraulic concrete, sidewalks, ridges, bike lanes and all public services are underground, thus generating the highest capital gain in the city and one of the highest in the entire state.

Tulum is considered the second most attractive city in Mexico to invest in real estate. In the last ten years it has become one of the points of attention for internationally renowned investors and it is considered the destination with the best beaches in the country enjoying more than 2.7 million visitors a year.

The development of this city is moving rapidly and the value of the property in this area of the country has had an increase of more than 8% annually since 2015. This attractive growth has led to find business opportunities for investors who can lease properties for tourists who come for short stays and / or foreigners who make Tulum their second home.

According to the Residential Real Estate Market Report in Quintana Roo, rental income averages approximately 28 thousand pesos (USD ~ $ 1,500) per month, this makes Tulum an ideal place to acquire a holiday residence thanks to the great profitability that is obtained by the vacation rental industry.


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